p.mk is a small service I built to allow easy, fast sharing of screenshots or copied images.
A short how-to below if you are unsure how to take screenshots on your system:

Portion screen capture: CMD + CONTROL + SHIFT + 4
Full screen capture: CMD + CONTROL + SHIFT + 3

Full screen capture: PRNTSCREEN
Current window capture: ALT + PRNTSCREEN

In Ubuntu
Full screen capture: PRNTSCREEN
Portion capture: CTRL + PRNTSCREEN
Current window capture: ALT + PRNTSCREEN

p.s. It currently works with Google Chrome and Firefox and hasn’t been tested with other browsers. Check out the source if you want to improve it, branch it or whatever else.


1. Use the Finder to go to your Applications folder.
2. Copy ‘Skype’ to ‘Skype Two’
3. Enter the following in the Terminal

4. Enjoy multiple Skype accounts from the same user on Mac!
If you would like to run more than 2 accounts, just replace the word Two with whatever you like as many times as you like.
Hope you enjoy this trick!

WordPress automatically creates 3 resized versions of your uploaded pictures: thumbnail, medium and large. If you want to save some space and disable these there are two ways you can do it. The first is to put ‘0’ via Settings -> Media in your admin panel and these images will no longer be created.

However you can also do this programatically in WordPress which is especially helpful if you are running WordPress multisite or would like to release a theme or plugin. Just paste the code below in your WordPress functions.php file.

I recently had a client who was using One.com webhosting and since their control panel offers no way to unzip files I wrote this little PHP script. Should work on other webhosts as well. Change file-name.zip with your filename.

I love Yoast SEO because it’s one of the best plugins out there for WP SEO, however it leaves the version of the plugin in the comments of the site and that’s something that I am not comfortable with. I don’t mind credits going to Yoast however I don’t want to have the Yoast version in my header. Here is the code to remove “This site is optimized with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin” comment which is found in the header…

UPDATE 15 June 2015: Updated code thanks to Paul. 5 lines only with some regex! Readable version also kept above.